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Samsung TX-N3298 HF / HFX / XAA

User Manual

Operating manual
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Samsung TXN3298HF 


In the box:TV, remote control, remote batteries, user's manual, warranty information
Screen size:32 inches
TV type:CRT with "neo-slim" enclosure and DynaFlat HD Anti-Distortion, Anti-Glare, Flat Picture Tube
HDTV capable:Yes
Aspect ratio:4:3
Speaker wattage per channel:10W x 2 + 25W (subwoofer)
Number of speakers:3
Comb filter:Yes (8-Bit, 20 MHz 3D Y/C)
Low-noise amplifier:Yes (can improve TV performance in weak-signal area)
Horizontal resolution:800 lines (maximum)
Invar shadow mask:Yes
Scan velocity modulation:Yes
Tilt correction:Yes (allows for picture adjustments due to Earth's magnetic field)
3:2 pulldown:Yes
Noise reduction:Yes
Signal type:NTSC, ATSC (480p or full 1080i; does not include DTV receiver)
Black-level expansion:Yes
White peak limiter:Yes
Veritcal compression:Yes (maintains vertical resolution and quality during anamorphic widescreen sources such as DVD)
Auto channel setup:Yes
Channel labeling:Yes
Closed captioning:Yes (CaptionVision)
Picture modes:4 presets: Standard, Dynamic, Movie, and Custom, as well as Screen-Filling Picture Modes: Normal, Zoom 1, Zoom 2 allows custom screen image fitting
Picture enhancements:DNIe Video Enhancer or Digital Natural Image engine, Pro Picture 3-Stage Video Correction (including Total DSP Analog to Digital Signal Enhanced, which converts all analog signals to flicker-free progressive scan); Dynamic Multiple Focus Electron Gun; screen-capture picture freezing
Last-channel recall:Yes
Auto clock set:Yes
Non-volatile memory:Yes (retains system settings, even in power blackout)
Auto Kine Aging Bias:Yes (automatically regulates the white balance to maintain consistent, optimal performance even after many years of use)
Multilingual menu:Yes (English, Spanish, French)
Parental control:Yes (V-Chip)
Picture-in-picture (PIP):Yes (2-tuner, split-screen)
Remote control:Yes (universal)
Sleep timer:Yes (and on timer)
RemoteSurf Timer:Yes (returns you to your original station after a preset duration, freeing you to surf during commercials without missing your program)
Audio tone controls:BBE High Definition Sound enhancement
Surround sound: Simulated
Preset sound modes:Standard, Movie, Music, Speech (focuses on dialog and reduces background), and Custom (5 band graphic equalizer allows detailed sound adjustments)
VGA/SVGA input:No
Audio outputs:1 stereo analog (left/right)
Audio inputs:3 stereo analog (left/right)
Video outputs:1 (composite-video)
Video inputs:8
Headphone jack:Yes (.125-inch)
Component video:2 (HD)
Composite video:3
Color temperature control:Yes
Front AV jacks:No
Side AV jacks:Yes
Self-diagnostic system:Yes
Antenna:CATV/VHF/UHF 75-ohm, F-type
Power supply:120W AC, 60Hz
Power consumption:190W (1.9W standby)
Energy Star compliant:Yes
Optional accessory:Stand (TR3298, UPC: 036725231139)
Length:22.9 inches
Width:32.9 inches
Height:28.3 inches
Weight:151.2 pounds