Shure 561

Shure mc50b


Product Description From Shure:

Shure models MC50 (omni) and MC51 (unidirectional) are subminiature, electret condenser lavalier microphones. They provide uncompromised sound quality and high reliability with minimal visibility in sound reinforcement applications such as television broadcasting and stage performances. Despite its small size, the microphone's condenser element provides full, clear and natural reproduction of speech. Each microphone is supplied with two foam windscreens to minimize wind noise. The supplied mounting accessories consist of a lapel clip, a tie clip, a pin mount, and a magnet mount, giving the user a wide variety of options for placement.

The MC50 omnidirectional model is supplied with two types of equalization caps for high frequency response shaping. The mild boost equalization cap attenuates the natural high frequency peak of the microphone. The high boost cap does not attenuate the high frequency peak.