Shure SM 12a

Shure SM12a


Product Description From Shure:

The Shure Model SM12A Professional Head-Worn Microphone with Receiver is a low-impedance, unidirectional, dynamic microphone with an integral earphone assembly. Designed for sports and news announcing, interviewing and intercommunication systems, and for special events remote broadcasting, the SM12A offers convenient, hands-free operation without user fatigue. Drummers, keyboard artists and other musicians who need a vocal microphone -- one that will not pick up unwanted sounds -- will find the SM12A's smooth, natural voice frequency response and noise cancellation ideal for their applications. A close-talking unit, the SM12A may be used under noisy conditions without loss or masking of voice signals. The SM12A is a small, lightweight, rugged and reliable unit, with provisions for mounting to a supplied dual spring steel headband. A pivot housing per-mits the microphone boom to be moved 20 degrees in any direction, and the distance between the microphone and pivot to be changed by up to 89 mm (31/2 in.). The receiver ear tube, attached to the bottom of the pivot housing, may be moved through a 55 degree arc. A miniature windscreen to protect against wind noise and explosive breath sounds, and two connector belt clips are also supplied.