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DXC-537P/PV1 Dockable Betacam

Beta SP is an obsolete professional tape format developed by Sony. It replaced the original "Betacam" format from the early 1980's, and was the industry standard in portable ENG and EFP for many years. It was superseded by digital formats such as Beta SX.

This camera is made up of four separate components, which can each be removed and replaced: The lens, the camera, the recorder adaptor, and the viewfinder.

Left View

Sony Betacam : Left View
53705.jpg (10431 bytes) The filter wheel has four options:
3200K, 5600K + 1/4 ND, 5600K, 5600K + 1/16 ND
53707.jpg (14188 bytes) Left front panels:
Camera power, gain (9/18dB), white balance memory/preset, menu access, shutter, zebras, and timing controls.
53708.jpg (14046 bytes) Left rear top panel:
Time code, audio selectors and level control, VU meters, audio speaker.
53709.jpg (11168 bytes) Left rear lower panel:
Recording options and audio selectors.

Right View
53701.jpg (24940 bytes)

53710.jpg (14118 bytes) Right rear panel:
Timing inputs and outputs.
53711.jpg (13166 bytes) Right forward panel:
Composite video output, remote connection, viewfinder connection, lens connection.

Front View

53703.jpg (11255 bytes) Front of the viewfinder:
Tally lamp, tally off/on, peaking, contrast and brightness.
53706.jpg (12547 bytes) Front lower panel:
VTR record, white and black balance, menu buttons.

Top View

53704.jpg (11223 bytes) The tape transport buttons are on top of the camera back, under a protective cover.

Rear View

Rear View Rear lower panel:
12V DC power input, 2 balanced audio inputs, headphone socket.

This camera is fitted with an Anton-Bauer battery holder.