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Sony Trinitron PVM-9040 ME Colour Video Monitor



Power consumption 39W at AC operation
Power requirements 100-240v AC. 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature range 0-35°C
Storage temperature range -10 to +40°C
Humidity 0-90%
Dimensions Approx. 217x217x352.5mm (W/H/D), not including projecting parts and controls
Weight Approx. 7.8kg (17lb 3 oz), not including battery packs
Accessories supplied AC power cord

Video Signal

Colour system PAL, SECAM
Resolution 250 TV lines
Aperture correction -4.0dB - +6.0dB (at 3.0MHz)
Frequency response 6.0MHz (-3.0dB) at all inputs
Syncronization AFC time constant 1.0 msec

Picture Performance

Normal scan 6% over scan of CRT effective screen area
Underscan 3% underscan of CRT effective screen area
H. linearity Less than 7.0% (typical)
V. linearity Less than 7.0% (typical)
Convergence Central area: 0.43mm (typical)
  Periphal area: 0.53mm (typical)
Raster size stability H: 1.0%, V: 1.5%
High voltage regulation 3.0%
Colour temperature D65

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs Y/C IN: 4-pin mini DIN connector
  Video IN: BNC connector (1v p-p +/- 6dB, sync negative)
  Audio IN: phono jack, -5dBs, less than 47k ohm
  R/R-Y, G/Y, B/B-Y: BNC connector
  -R, G, B channels: 0.7v p-p, +/- 6dB
  -Sync on green: 0.3v p-p, negative, 75 ohms terminated
  R/Y, Y, B/Y channels: 0.7v p-p, +/- 6dB (standard colour bar signal of 100% chrominance)
  EXT. SYNC IN: BNC connector. Composite sync 4v p-p, +/- 6dB, negative
Loop through outputs Y/C OUT: 4-pin mini DIN connector
  VIDEO OUT: BNC connector, 75 ohms terminated
  AUDIO OUT: Phono jack, output level 0.5W
  EXT SYNC OUT: BNC connector, 75 ohms terminated
Tally/remote input TALLY/REMOTE: 8-pin mini DIN connector

NOTE: The specification and design of this product are subject to change without notice.