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Sony KD-34XS955

User Manual

Operating manual
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Sony KD-34XS955


Screen size:34 inches
TV type:Super-fine-pitch CRT with flat, FD Trinitron tube
HDTV capable:Yes
Aspect ratio:16:9
Speaker wattage per channel:7.5 watts x 2, plus 15 watts x 1 (subwoofer)
Number of speakers:3 (left, right, subwoofer)
Flash-memory port:Yes (Memory Stick, compatible with JPEG images, MP3 music files, MPEG-1 video)
Comb filter:3D digital
Auto white balance:Yes
Horizontal resolution:Information not available
Scan velocity modulation:Yes (Clear Edge VM wideband velocity modulation)
Line doubling:Yes (720p to 1080i upconversion using Hi-Scan technology)
3:2 pulldown detection:Yes (CineMotion Reverse 3-2 Pulldown Technology)
Signal type:NTSC, ATSC (DTV receiver built in)
Protective screen guard:No
Black-level expansion:No
Auto channel setup:Yes
Channel labeling:Yes
Input labeling:Yes
Channel fix:Yes
Closed captioning:Yes
Surfing:Speed Surf channel selection, Scrolling Channel Index system
Favorite channel:Yes (with preview)
Picture freeze:Yes
Picture modes:Program Palette (Vivid/Movie/Standard/Sports) presets
Picture enhancements:DRC Digital Reality Creation MultiFunction Circuitry (displays 4 times the picture resolution relative to conventional sets), Dynamic Focus circuitry (automatically adjusts the picture during each scanning line for consistent corner-to-corner sharpness), Dynamic Picture, Vertical Aperture Compensation, Vertical Center Adjustment, Tilt Correction, high-voltage regulator (maintains consistent image size, despite variations in brightness during scene changes and channel changes), HD Detailer wideband video amplifier
Last-channel recall:Yes
Multilingual menu:Yes (English, Spanish, French)
Parental control:Yes (V-Chip)
Picture-in-picture (PIP):No
Remote control:Yes
SAP:Yes (auto SAP)
Sleep timer:Yes (and 2-event on-timer)
Audio tone controls:BBE Sound
Audio balance:Yes
Surround sound:TruSurround SRS audio (simulated surround)
VGA/SVGA input:0
Audio outputs: 2 stereo analog (left/right) RCA: 1 fixed-level, 1 fixed-/-variable level (user-selectable)
Audio inputs:7 stereo analog (left/right) RCA
Video outputs:1 (composite-video)
Video inputs:11
Headphone jack:No
Digital video input:1 (HDMI with HDCP content protection)
Component video:2
Composite video:4
S-video:3 (with detection)
Control port:1 (Control S)
CableCARD ready:Yes
Color temperature control:Yes (Trinitone settings)
Front AV jacks:Yes
Side AV jacks:No
Sound leveler system:Yes (SteadySound)
Power supply:AC 120V, 60 Hz
Energy Star compliant:Yes
Auto pedestal clamp:Yes
Width:39.125 inches
Height:25.75 inches
Depth:23.75 inches
Weight:About 200 pounds