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Sony KP-53XBR200

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Sony KP 53XBR200



Digital Reality Creation:Yes
XD Microfocus CRT:Yes
Five-piece Microfocus lens system:Yes
Dual color filter system:Yes
Bright view dual component screen:Yes
Flash focus system:Yes
Advanced video processor:Yes
Minimum viewing distance:7 feet
Dynamic picture processor:Yes
Dynamic focus circuitry:Yes
Auto white balance:Yes
Auto pedestal clamp:Yes
Vertical aperture compensation:Yes
Magnetic quadra pole:Yes
Horizontal viewing angle:130 degrees
Vertical viewing angle:55 degrees
First surface mirror:Yes
3-D digital comb filter circuitry:Yes
Advanced velocity modulation scanning:Yes
Advanced video processor:Yes
Advanced picture stabilizer:Yes
Built-in high-contrast protective screen:Yes
Dolby Pro Logic decoder:Yes
SteadySound automatic volume control with BBE audio enhancement:Yes
MTS stereo with dbx noise reduction:Yes
Dynamic Acoustic Chamber (DAC) center and surround speakers:Yes
Trinitone color temperature adjustment:High/medium/NTSC standard
Twin-View 2-tuner picture-in-picture (PIP):Yes
Free layout picture-in-picture:Yes
Snap Shot screen freeze:Yes
Favorite channel:Yes
Multi-image driver:Yes
V-Chip parental control:Yes
Picture-in-picture zoom:Yes
Channel caption/video label:Yes
XDS enabled:Yes
Channel index:12-channel
Caption vision (CC):Yes
Component video inputs (Y/PB/PR):1
S-Video inputs (rear/front):4/1
Composite inputs (rear/front):4/1
RF input:2
Fixed/variable audio outputs:Yes
S-link control S:Yes
Monitor output:1
TV output:1
Power consumption, standby:1 watt
Power consumption, maximum:300 watts
Energy Star compliant:Yes
Remote:RM-Y902 Luminous E-Z Flip remote control (TV/VCR/digital satellite system/DVD/cable)
Weight:264 pounds
Dimensions:52.13 by 56.75 by 24.5 inches