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Sony KV-27FV166

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Sony KV 27FV166


Product Description

Sony's KV-27V16 incorporates a 3D Digital Comb Filter, and a 2-tuner picture-in-picture (PIP). In addition, it features Dynamic Picture processor, Auto White Balance, and Dynamic Focus circuitry. The Speed Surf allows for quick scanning of channels at the touch of a button. The Channel Fix automatically sets TV to specific channel (i.e., 3) for cable box control, allowing viewer to control cable box via the TV remote control. Auto Channel Programming automatically locks active channels in memory for scan-tuning convenience and also allows for manual Channel Add/Erase. DAC Speaker System provides resonance bass response while midrange sounds are pumped forward to ensure clear dialog reproduction. Separate tweeters aimed to the front balance out the sound. The KV-27V16 also features MTS stereo TV decoder, SteadySound auto volume, Advanced on-screen menu, Clock timer, and Sleep Timer (15/30/45/60/90).