Sony LF-X1 LocationFree

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Operating manual
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Sony LF-X1 LocationFree


Screen size:12.1 inches
TV type:TN (Twisted Nematic) LCD (TFT active-matrix drive system)
HDTV capable:No
Aspect ratio:4:3
Wireless transmission:Yes
Transmission band:2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (dual-band)
Transmission protocols:802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g IEEE protocols
Transmission range:Up to 100 feet
3:2 pulldown detection:Yes
Number of speakers:2
Flash-memory port: Monitor: yes (Memory Stick)
Includes radio:No
Internet access:Yes (via RJ-45/Ethernet port)
E-mail:Yes (with e-mail indicator)
Keyboard:Onscreen, plus USB port for external keyboard (not included)
Other features:Photo album, hand drawing
Comb filter:3D digital
Line doubling:No
Noise reduction:Yes
Signal type:NTSC
Picture enhancements:Motion adaptive IP conversion removes stair-stepping on diagonal lines, DCDi from Faroudja, cross-color suppressor
Picture freeze:Yes (image capture)
Picture-in-picture (PIP): Floating picture-in-picture (Main: Internet, Mail; Menu: Settings)
Remote control:Universal onscreen AV remote commander; includes IR receiver for use with optional physical remote control
Sleep timer:Yes
Surround sound:No
VGA/SVGA input:0
Audio outputs:0
Audio inputs: Base station: 3 stereo analog (left/right) RCA, monitor: 1 stereo analog (left/right) RCA
Video outputs:Base station : 1 (composite-video)
Video inputs: Base station : 4, monitor: 1
Headphone jack:Monitor : yes (.125-inch)
Digital video input:0
Component video:0
Composite video: Base station : 2, monitor: 1
S-video: Base station: 1
RF: Base station: 1
IR blaster: Base station: 1
Ethernet port: Base station: 1, monitor: 1
USB port: Monitor: 1
Pixels:800 x 600
Front AV jacks:No
Side AV jacks:Yes
Wall mountable:Yes (with optional mounting kit)
Power supply:AC 120V, 60 Hz (for base station); AC 100 to 240V (for battery charger)
Batteries:1 (lithium, supplied)
Optional accessories: Rechargeable battery pack: BP-LX1A, AC power adapter: AC-LX1M, cradle battery charger: LFA-C1, splash-proof jacket: LFA-F1, VESA wall mount attachment: LFA-W1, retractable stylus: LFA-ST1, IR blaster: VM-50, plug adapter: PC-232S
Width:14.375 inches (monitor), 2.375 inches (base station)
Height:9.5 inches (monitor), 8.75 inches (base station)
Depth:1.25 inches (monitor), 7.125 inches (base station)
Weight:5.31 pounds (monitor and battery), 1.19 pounds (base station)