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Sony TCM-210DV Cassette Voice Recorder

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Sony TCM 210 DV

Product Description from Sony:

Sony's TCM-210DV Standard Cassette Recorder. This device includes an AC adaptor and cassette to conserve batteries. It provides virtually unlimited recording and playback time when an AC power source is available. In addition, features like double recording time, Voice Operated Recording (VOR), playback speed control, one-touch recording and playback, Sony-Matic automatic recording level control, and the Clear Voice recording system will help you get it all on tape. The TCM-210DV also features a built-in microphone, LED battery level indicator, external microphone jack, and a cue and review function. A large playback speaker will bring out strong, ambient sound. Even if you're away from an AC power source, you'll be ready to record for hours. The TCM-210DV features a 25 hour battery life with two AA batteries.