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Sony MZ-DN430 Psyc MiniDisc Walkman

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Product Description from Sony:

"Using the included SonicStage and MD Simple Burner software, you can upload ATRAC3-encoded music to the device. The software supports conversion of MP3, WAV and WMA formats to ATRAC3, so you can record directly to the device at up to 32x speeds. Music uploads are handled by the MZ-DN430's USB connector, so you'll need a USB-capable PC for music transfers.

While you can convert and play your own music on the MZ-DN430, the player is also fully compatible with Sony's Connect Music Store. Customers can choose single tracks or entire albums from independent and major-label artists for purchase and download.

The MZ-DN430 also has built-in "G-Protection" for skip-free performance, with up to 56 hours of continuous playback with one AA battery."

What's in the Box: MZ-DN430 Net MD Walkman, headphones, SonicStage Software, MD Simple Burner Application, USB cable, 1 MiniDisc.