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Sony MZ-N420D Net MD Walkman

User Manual

Operating manual
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Sony MZ-N420D


Text display:Yes
MP3 playback:Yes
Compatible formats:MP3, WMA, WAV, and ATRAC3 audio MiniDisc compression format
Includes radio:No
Antiskip protection:Yes
Sampling Frequency:44.1 kHz
Frequency Response:20-20,000Hz +/-3dB
Recording:Up to 32x transfer speed
Headphones included:Yes
Headphone jack:Yes (.3.5mm stereo)
Music groups:Yes
Headphone volume control:No
Inputs:Headphone, USB
Audio outputs:0
Number of discs:1
Favorite track search:No
Peak level search:No
Remote included:No
Weight:4 oz.
Width:3 1/4 in.
Height:1 1/4 in.
Depth:3 in.
Power:USB, or 1 AA battery (not included)