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Forum Spam

Forum Spamming means posting messages in a discussion forum for the sole purpose of promoting a particular product, service or website (PSW). Forum spam is a huge problem for many forums, especially busy forums or those which deal in certain topics.

At MediaCollege.com, because our topics are popular with spammers, we have no choice but to be very strict with any message which appears to be spam.

What is Forum Spam?

The following traits indicate forum spam:

This is just a sample of common spamming methods. There are many more.

If your message has been labeled "Looks Like Forum Spam"

If a message you posted in our forum has been replied to with this accusation, it is because your message contains common spam characteristics. Just like email spam filters, there is always some chance of falsely labeling genuine messages as spam. If you believe your message is not spam, please contact us and explain the situation. Be prepared to answer some hard questions — if you really are spamming you might just want to ask us to delete the thread rather than have us prove that you're lying.