(23) Understand Website Promotion

There are many ways to promote your site. Some of them work, some don't work, and some do more harm than good. Learn which method fits into which category.

(24) Understand Search Engines

This is a whole field of study in itself. The more you understand how search engines work, the better your site will perform. Monitor your search engine rankings and work to improve them.

(25) Don't Win Useless Website Awards

Unless they come from one of a very small number of recognised organizations, website awards are generally scams. Anyone who knows this will laugh at the brand new "Website Design Award" you are proudly displaying on your home page. It doesn't matter that the award was issued by a professional-looking website. Awards are worse than a waste of time - all they do is announce to the world that you are a sucker.

(26) Don't Be an Inadvertent Spammer

Many people are so keen to let the world know about their new site they take every opportunity to tell anyone and everyone. This is where you must show restraint. Anything that remotely looks like spam is a potential source of grief. Be very very careful about making new contacts by email or promoting your site in forums and newsgroups. If you go into some newsgroup to tell everyone about your new site you are likely to receive a nasty response.

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