Website Editing Software

If you are prepared to make an investment in time and money, you will probably find that using specialist website editing/publishing software is a better all-round solution than using an online service. Editing software comes in many styles and prices, from very cheap or free to very expensive.


  1. Far more powerful and flexible than online editing services
  2. Once you have learnt how to use it, editing software is generally much more efficient to use
  3. You can do all your work offline and then upload everything at once
  4. You can use the same software to work on any website


  1. Takes time to learn
  2. More expensive, unless you find a free package
  3. You need to install the software on your computer

Example 1: Adobe Contribute

Adobe Contribute is a cost-effective way to maintain and update your website. At the time of writing, the software costs $US149 for one licence. This package is specifically designed for making web page edits with minimal fuss, and if necessary, to allow multiple people to work on the same site.

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Example 2: Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerhouse application for serious web design and management, but is also well-suited to newbies. Dreamweaver is widely considered to be the best software application in its field (or at least best equal). At the time of writing, Dreamweaver costs $US399.

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