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Bash Shell Commands

The following table is a list of bash shell commands.

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The bash shell commands are all described on the same man page (man bash). Click on the to see the manual page for the bash shell. There is a lot of inforamtion in the 'man bash', so you may need to search the page to find which command you want.
TIP: To search the page in Internet Explorer 6 click Edit>Find (on this page), then type what you want in the 'find what' box. Use the 'find next' button to advance through the page.

Click on the command name or the to see a description of the command.

alias Create an alias
break Exit from a loop
case Evaluate one of several scripts, depending on a given value
cd Change directory
command Run a command - ignoring shell functions
continue Resume the next iteration of a loop
declare Declare variables and give them attributes
dirs Display list of remembered directories
enable Enable and disable builtin shell commands
eval Evaluate several commands/arguments
exec Execute a command
exit Exit the shell
export Set an environment variable
for Expand words, and execute commands
hash Remember the full pathname of a name argument
history Command History
if Conditionally perform a command
let Perform arithmetic on shell variables
local Create variables
logout Exit a login shell
popd Restore the previous value of the current directory
pushd Save and then change the current directory
read read a line from standard input
readonly Mark variables/functions as readonly
return Exit a shell function
set Manipulate shell variables and functions
shift Shift positional parameters
shopt Shell Options
source Run commands from a file `.'
times User and system times
type Describe a command
ulimit Limit user resources
umask Users file creation mask
unalias Remove an alias
unset Remove variable or function names
until Execute commands (until error)
while Execute commands