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MediaCollege.com Video Contests

This page lists a few ideas we have for video contests at MediaCollege.com. At this stage no firm plans are in place but if you are interested in entering contests like these, please let us know. The more interest we get, the more likely we'll be to kick them off and offer prizes.

Rules & Conditions (tentative):


Most likely we will offer lots of small prizes rather than a few big ones—we feel that this gives you a much better chance of coming out on top. Cash prizes are likely to be around $50-$100USD. We can also provide hyperlinks for those of you who crave such things (PR3 or 4).

Contest Ideas

Production tips & tricks

Produce a video of any length showing one or more tips for any type of media production (video, audio, web design, etc). It can be as simple as a short piece-to-camera explaining something, or as complex as you like.

Raw footage for editing practice

We would like to create a series of editing training modules which include sample footage to be edited. For example, a module might require the student to download a series of shots that could be edited in different ways. The topic could be anything from "a walk to the shop" to "perspectives on climate change". We would probably want at least a dozen shots, maybe with several variations for the student to choose from.

Computer "How to"

Any type of instructional video related to computers, from "how to manage your files" to "how to add new RAM". These videos should be well illustrated, e.g. Don't just explain how to swap out RAM, show how to do it.

Author: ,  Originally published: 2008-09-17