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Outside Broadcast Control Room

The picture below is the forward view of a small mobile television control room. Hold your mouse over the picture to see what each component is.

Environment Controls VT Edit Station Audio Monitor Technical settings for vision mixer Vision Mixer VT Monitors Comms Panel RT Comms & Audio VU Meters Technical Monitors, including waveform monitor and vectorscope. Camera Monitors CCU Units (Camera Control) Input Selectors Keyboards Graphics mixer Graphics PC Monitor Off-Air Decoders Monitors TV Remote Teletext Monitors Audio Monitor Preview & Program Monitors
Audio Monitors Enable staff to hear the program audio, or any other selected audio source.
Teletext Monitors This particular OB uses a local teletext system to provide information to televisions located around the venue. This is an unusual feature — most OBs would not have such a system.
Environmental Controls Lights, power, etc.
VT Edit Station A standard tape-to-tape edit station. More details can be found here.
Monitors Video monitors are provided for the main preview and program feeds, each VT machine, and certain selectable sources.
Off-Air Decoders For monitoring the off-air (broadcasted) program when using a paid coding system.
Camera Monitors Individual monitors for each camera. In this case there are six camera monitors — if there are more than six cameras then addition cameras must be selected on other monitors.
Graphics PC Monitor Monitor for the graphics computers. This monitor is selectable between two computers to save space.
Technical Monitors Waveform monitor and vectorscope, for monitoring the technical parameters of various video signals.
Audio VU Meters Monitors the program audio levels.
Keyboards For the graphics computers.
CCU Controls Camera control units. More details can be found here.
Vision Mixer The main switcher which controls the program video. Operated either by the director or a vision switcher, this determines which vision sources are fed to the program feed.
Technical settings for vision mixer Under the desk, various technical adjustments can be made to the vision mixer's feed.