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Making a Video Master Tape

One of the most important roles of a VT operator is to create a master tape (or disk, file, etc). This is a recording of the entire program for mastering, editing, reproduction, distribution, archiving, etc.

Recording a master tape is normally very simple. The master VT machine or computer is set up to take a feed of the program vision and audio, then all the operator needs to do is prepare a tape, hit record at the beginning and stop at the end.

More than one version of the program might be required; for example, you may need to record a second tape on another machine with visible timecode or a different audio track.

Despite its simplicity, a good VT operator recognizes the importance of doing this job properly. It goes without saying that the whole production depends on it. Do a test record, double-check video and audio levels and quality. Make sure you are using the correct tape and you have enough tape stock.