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What to Expect From a Wedding Video

This page is a reality check. Many people assume that if they hire a professional wedding videographer, their wedding video will be as good as what they see on television. It's common for people to recall a wedding scene in a movie or TV program and imagine something similar starring themselves.

Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen. Why? Because a television production is scripted and produced with only the video production in mind. The wedding scene is created solely for the purpose of looking good on video. The lighting is specially designed, sound is recorded using methods impractical for real weddings, and every shot receives individual attention over an entire shooting session.

In contrast, wedding videos must be shot in real time, in real places, using ordinary people. If the lighting is poor, the videographer just has to deal with it. If someone coughs during the vows, the videographer can't stop the action and tell you to start again.

Not surprisingly, there is also the issue of money. Your wedding video may seem expensive but it's very cheap compared to a television production. Television companies can afford equipment and other resources which are not economical for even the most expensive wedding video production.

Wedding videos can be very high quality but they can never be quite the same as a professional dramatic production.