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Wedding Video Titles

Title for a Wedding VideoUnless you have a very good reason not to use titles in your wedding video, you should definitely try to include them. Whether you are using professional video equipment or a home handicam, titles can really lift the perceived quality of the video.

Editing software packages like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro include built-in title generators. This is the easiest option — you can create great titles in seconds. The example on the right is a slightly modified template which comes with Premiere (see Premiere Titles for more info).

If you don't have access to titling software or equipment you will need to be a bit more inventive. A good idea is to use the wedding invitation or program — place the invitation against a nice background (e.g. table setting or flower arrangement) and get a video shot of it. Make sure you use a tripod or rest the camera on a solid surface so the shot is perfectly still.

Where to Add Titles

In most cases you will begin the video with a title such as "The Wedding of John and Jane". The following information can also be added:

It is helpful to add a title whenever the scene changes. For example, the first scene might be titled "Preparations at Jane's house", after which you move to the groom's house with a new title: "Meanwhile, at John's House...". You can add titles for the church, photo shoot venue and reception.

Name KeyA name key is a special type of title which shows a person's name and description, as per the example on the right. Name keys add a touch of professionalism and are very useful for the audience. They work especially well if you are doing interviews with guests and family.


At the end of the video you can roll credits which include everyone who helped and participated in the wedding. Be exceedingly careful to check the list for completeness and spelling. Make sure you include a credit for the videographer!

Animated and Full-Motion Titles

If you have access to the right sort of editing software you can try your hand at animated titles. Be careful though — you don't want to appear tacky or distract from the main focus of the video. Slow-moving animations tend to work best with wedding videos unless the whole video is going for a more upbeat feel.


A wedding video lasts for generations and is seen by many people who may not know the family well. Make titles which will be useful for all these people. Ideally, the people watching the video should never be left wondering about locations or identities.