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Shure Audio Mixers and Digital Sound Processors

Model Description

Portable & Field Mixers

200m Four-channel portable mixer
FP16a 6-output portable audio distribution amplifier
FP22 Stereo headphone amplifier
FP23 Microphone pre-amplifier
FP24 Portable stereo pre-amp and mixer
FP33 Three-channel stereo mixer
FP42 Four-channel stereo microphone mixer
FP410 Battery-operated portable mixer
M367 Six-channel portable mixer

Installed Mixers

SCM262 Stereo microphone mixer
SCM268 Four-channel microphone mixer
SCM410 Automatic four-channel mixer
SCM800 Eight-channel microphone mixer
SCM810 Automatic eight-channel mixer

Performance Mixers

AuxPander 8x8 matrix mixer
P4m Four-channel personal mixer

Digital Sound Processors

DFR11eq Digital sound srocessor
DFR22 Audio processor with feedback reduction
DP11eq Digital processor
DSR10 Digital remote switch
P4800 4x8 matrix mixer
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