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Flash Files

Flash uses the following file types and extensions:

FLA Flash file. This is the "master" document file for a flash project, i.e. the source file you work with in the Flash authoring program. These files can only be opened with Flash — not the Flash Player. To create the final product which is viewed by end users, export the appropriate file (usually SWF) from the FLA file.
FLV Flash Video. Supported from version 7, FLV files are the preferred format for delivering video clips via Flash.
SWF Flash delivery file — the file that end users see. This is a compressed version of the FLA file which is optimized for viewing in a web browser, the standalone Flash Player, or any other program which supports Flash. This file type cannot be edited in Flash.
SWT Flash template. This allows you to edit and replace information in a Flash movie file; for example, a Flash button in which you can replace the text, links, etc.
SWC Flash element. These files have customisable parameters which allow you to perform various application functions.