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FLV Files

FLV is the format for Flash video files. Supported from version 7, FLV is now the preferred format for delivering video clips via Flash.

There are two ways to create FLV files:

Note that FLV files cannot be played back directly by the Flash Player — they must be embedded in an SWF file. Confusingly, the SWF which plays the FLV is usually called a Flash Video Player or Flash Media Player. So you have a player being played by a player!

More information:

Common Flash FLV Encoders

Note: For more details read our encoder comparison.

Flash Video Exporter

A plug-in that enables third-party video editing applications to export FLV files. For example, if you own Flash MX Professional 2004 (or later) and Adobe After Effects, you can export FLV files directly from After Effects. Note that the Flash VIdeo Exporter only uses 1-pass encoding, so the quality is not as good as other options. This plugin comes bundled with Macromedia Flash External Link.

Sorenson Squeeze

A third party compression program which can convert files from many formats into FLV. This is a relatively expensive option but very powerful and reliable. Sorenson Squeeze is available in various versions from www.sorensonmedia.com External Link.


The suite of converters available from On2 Technologies — the company which provides the latest video codec for Flash. Available from www.on2.com External Link.

See also: Setting the mime type for FLV files