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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Problems

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PROBLEM: Error on opening a project

When opening a project the following error message appears: "This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type."

This is sometimes called the "Revert to Trial Bug" as it causes behavior similar to what would happen if you're running a trial version of the software. The bug has been around for years and seems to show up most often around upgrade time.


The fix is usually to open the project file in a text editor and replace all instances of "I-Frame Only MPEG" with "Microsoft AVI".

If this doesn't work, try the following sequence (read it all first before beginning):

  1. Deactivate Premiere Pro if possible (this option may not be available).
  2. Uninstall Premiere Pro.
  3. Download and run the Adobe Cleaner Tool at least twice, rebooting after each run.
  4. Reinstall Premiere Pro.
  5. Before launching Premiere Pro for the first time, update to the latest version.
  6. Launch and test Premiere Pro.

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PROBLEM: Some mpeg files show an error when importing.

Existing mpeg files in projects may no longer work (show as offline and unable to re-import).


Sometimes this can be fixed by deleting the associated xml metadata file and re-importing the file.

PROBLEM: Sequence presets are missing.

When you start a new project or create a new sequence, many of the available presets are missing.


This is another problem related to licensing. Try reactivating the software. If all else fails, uninstall, run the Adobe Cleaner Tool at least twice, rebooting after each run, then reinstall. More info

Author: ,  Originally published: 2012-06-10