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Adobe Ultra CS3

Adobe Ultra is a software application for creating chroma keys and virtual sets. It is intended for use with green (or blue) screens. It was available as part of the Production Premium and Master Collection software bundles in CS3 but has since been discontinued.

Adobe Ultra's features include:

Quick Review

I never did get round to thoroughly testing this program, but I did spend half an hour giving it a quick workout. I imported some old greenscreen footage from a shoot that had gone wrong — the greenscreen was badly lit and it had originally required a lot of work in After Effects to fix. Ultra handled the poor footage much better and I had an acceptable key in minutes.

I also tried the virtual sets and they worked a treat. The dozen or so supplied sets are nice enough but not absolutely top class. If you are looking to use this for serious work you will probably need to acquire (or make) some more sets.

On the whole my first impressions were very favourable.


Author: ,  Originally published: 2007-09-13