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Licence & Usage Permission: "Unverified"

If a file's permission type is listed as "Unverified", this means we believe the file to be free of copyright, royalties and attribution obligations. However we cannot be 100% sure so you agree to take the risk if you download and use the file.

This type of file has typically been donated to MediaCollege.com by a well-meaning visitor. The person giving us the file has most likely given their personal assurance that the file is legitimate and we have taken their word for it. We did this a lot back in the "old days" when people on the Internet trusted each other (seems like a long time ago now). These days we insist on a written licence and royalty waiver before we accept any such file, and we intend to slowly weed out all the "uncertain" files, but in the meantime we feel it makes sense to keep them available.

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