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Samsung TX-R2035

User Manual

Operating manual
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TXR2035Product description from Samsung:

The Samsung 24-inch TX-R2435 analog (CRT) TV offers Samsung's DynaFlat screen, which increases the viewing angle and minimizes distortion and glare. Along with a digital comb filter (which separates the color signals to minimize dot crawl and blurred edges), dynamic black level expansion and a white peak limiter features work to deliver a crisp, clear picture.

Choose the mode (Standard/Dynamic/Movie/Custom) that best suits the program you're watching. It has a number of convenience features, including Remote Surf timer (returns TV to original channel so other channels can be browsed during commercial breaks), sleep timer, V-chip, on-screen menus, auto channel programming, channel labels.

It features two built-in, 2.5-watt speakers and stereo output for connection to a home theater audio system. The MTS stereo sound system can play SAP (Secondary Audio Program) audio whenever a broadcast or recording includes a secondary language track. The Auto Volume Leveler feature keeps audio volume consistent during channel changing to minimize static sound bursts. It features the following video and audio connections: