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Earth Hum: An unwanted noise which has been induced into a video or audio signal by faulty earthing.
Edit: The process of assembling video clips, audio tracks, graphics and other source material into a presentable package. More info: Video editing tutorials
Edit Decision List (EDL): A list of all in points and out points for an editing task. Can be stored on a removable disc (e.g. floppy disc). This enables an edit to be constructed in one edit suite, then taken to another (better) suite to make the final version.
ENG : Electronic News Gathering. This term was introduced with the evolution of video cameras for shooting news in the field (as opposed to film cameras). It is still widely used to describe mobile news crews.
Exposure : The amount of light which is passed through the iris, and which the CCD or film is exposed to. More info: Video camera iris
Equalisation: The process of adjusting selected ranges of audio frequencies in order to correct or enhance the characteristics of a signal. More info: Audio Equalisation
Expansion: The process of increasing the dynamic range of a signal. More info: Audio Expansion