SCART Connectors

Male SCARTSCART connectors are multi-pin connectors designed to carry analog video and audio signals for home entertainment systems. SCART is a dominant standard in Europe but is less widely used in other parts of the world.

SCART connectors can carry composite video, RGB video, s-video and stereo audio. They can also carry commands to switch television modes (standby, video, etc).

The main advantage of SCART connectors is their ability to combine numerous signals into a single cable. Whereas RCA connectors require three separate cables just to transmit video and audio one way, a single SCART cable can transmit both ways.

Unfortunately not all SCART connections are the same. Although the physical connectors are universal, different cables and equipment use different pins. For example, many cables leave out the RGB connections, and some input sockets only accept composite video.

The standard pin designations are shown below.

Pin # Assignment
1 Audio output (right)
2 Audio input (right)
3 Audio output (left)
4 Audio ground
5 Blue ground/Chroma input ground
6 Audio input (left)
7 Blue/Chroma input
8 Widescreen function switching
9 Green ground
10 D²B input
11 Green
12 D²B output
13 Red ground/Chroma ground
14 D²B ground
15 Red/Chroma
16 Fast switching
17 Composite video output ground/Sync output ground/
Luminance output ground
18 Composite video input ground/Sync input ground/
Fast switching ground/Luminance input ground
19 Composite video output/Sync output/Luminance output
20 Composite video input/Sync input/Luminance input
21 Common ground


SCART is an acronym for Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs.

SCART is sometimes referred to as Euroconnector. In France it is known as Péritel.