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Audio Video Connectors

BNC A professional connector used for carrying composite video signals.
HDBaseT A digital connection technology launched in 2010, intended to supercede HDMI.
HDMI A digital connection used in televisions, DVD players, set-top boxes, PCs, etc.
Jack A socket input, generally associated with the phone plug.
Phone A range of connectors usually used for audio signals. Includes different sizes of mono/stereo male/female connectors. Sometimes known as jack plugs, especially the 1/4" size.
RCA / Phono Consumer-level connector commonly used for audio and composite video signals.
SCART A multi-pin connector for home entertainment systems, especially popular in Europe.
S-Video A video signal that carries luminance (Y, brightness) and chrominance (C, colour) values as physically separate signals. Also known as Y/C video. Usually uses a small four-pin mini-DIN connector.
TNC Threaded Neill-Concelman connector, similar to BNC.
XLR A professional multi-pin connector. Available in male/female with different numbers of pins. 3-pin is the most common, used primarily for balanced audio signals.