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MediaCollege.com FAQ

Common questions about MediaCollege.com...

Who makes this website?
See About Us.

Why is it free? What's the catch?
This website makes money from showing ads, so we don't need to charge visitors. There's no catch. More info.

Can you help me with my problem/project?
We don't offer private help, but feel free to ask in our forum and see if any of our members can help.

Can I hire you?
Sorry, we aren't available for hire.

Can I use some of the material at this website for my project/business/school, etc?
See our terms & conditions.

Can I advertise at your website?
If you have an Adwords account you can use that. Sorry but we don't offer individual advertising contracts and we're not interested in alternative advertising networks.

Can you publicise my product or service in your blog or somewhere else on your website?
Maybe - read this guide.

Can you include a link to my website in one of your articles?
If it's the best website on the Internet for that situation, maybe. Otherwise, No.

I have a great business opportunity you might be interested in. Who can I talk to?
Read this page.

Can I contribute material for the website?
We'd be happy to consider it. Contact us for more info.

Can I translate material from your website?
We accept translations to be hosted as part of our website. As per our duplication policy we do not allow translations to be hosted on other websites.

Where is your college located?
On the Internet. We are not a real-world institution; MediaCollege.com exists entirely as a website.

How do I enrol at your college?
There is no enrolment as such; we do not offer degrees or qualifications. You can however register in our forum.

How do I cite a page from this website?
See these instructions.

Why do you call this website a college if it's not a real college?
The short answer is that the word "college" does describe what we offer, at least according to the broad definition used in most English-speaking countries. The long answer is here.


How do I post messages in the forum?
Read this page.

Why doesn't anyone answer my forum question?
The most likely answer is that you didn't provide enough information.

How do I Become a Pro?
Read this page first.

Why was I banned from your forum?
Most likely because you didn't follow the instructions or read the rules. More details here.