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Q: How do I post messages in the forum?

Step 1: Register. Go to this page and follow the instructions. Email confirmation is required—please note that many anti-spam filters will block our automated request so we strongly suggest that you "whitelist" mediacollege.com first. If you don't receive the email (it should arrive almost immediately), check your spam folder.

Step 2: Search the forums. It's quite possible that your question has already been asked and answered, so go to the forum search page and do a search. If you can't find any relevant messages, proceed to step 3...

Step 3: Find the right forum. We have different forums for different topics. Have a look at the list on the main forum page and decide which forum is the best match for your question. For example, if your question is about a video camera, click Video Forum.

Step 4: Click the "New Thread" button. Fill out the form, then click the "Submit" button. Your message will be immediately posted and you should be returned to the forum page. If you don't see your message appear immediately, try reloading the page. Please do not post the message again—if you did it right the first time it will appear, you may just need to be patient.

TIP: If you are posting a long message, it's a good idea to compose the message separately (e.g. using Windows Notepad) and then past it into the message form. This way, if your browser experiences problems you won't lose the whole message.