Step 4: Hosting

Once you've created your web site and you can see that it works properly on your computer, you need to "publish" it to the internet so that other people can see it. Essentially you just need to copy the web pages from your computer to your host server.

Naturally, the first thing you'll need to do is to find a host server. There are many options available and finding the right solution isn't always easy. There are two main categories of hosting options: Free and Paid.

Free Host Servers

There are plenty of places on the internet which will host your site for free. Not surprisingly, there are catches. These may include:

Your best bet is to see what your ISP has to offer. Most ISP's have some sort of free web hosting option with their dial-up accounts.

Paid Host Servers

If the free services don't meet your needs then you'll be looking for a professional hosting service. Prices and features vary widly so shop around. Note that you don't have to use a host which is geographically near you - you can have your site hosted on the other side of the world.

Look for the following features:

Domain Name

If you want your own domain name (eg then you'll need to apply to the appropriate authority. This topic will be covered in a future tutorial.

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