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Types of Lighting

These are some common types of light you'll often hear about in film, video and photography. Note that these definitions are not always rigid and some people may interpret them a little differently.

Blonde 1000-2000w, used as a key flood light for large areas.
Redhead 650-1000w, used as a key flood light for large areas.
Pepper Light 100-1000w, small light used as a more focused key or fill light.
HMI A high-quality type of light which uses an arc lamp instead of filament bulb.
Halogen Work Lamp 150-500w, used as a key flood light for lighting large areas. This is a low-budget lighting solution.
Other Lights Domestic light bulbs can be used at a pinch, ideally as a secondary light such as fill or backlight.
Many video cameras have built-in lights or the ability to mount a light — these are useful in emergencies but provide poor quality lighting.
Chinese Lanterns A low-cost light, useful in some situations.

Instruments / Housing
Fresnel A light which has a lens with raised circular ridges on its outer surface which are used to focus the light beam.