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Halogen Work Lamp

Halogen work lamps are designed for workplaces and similar situations where a flexible means of providing strong lighting is required, e.g. builders, mechanics, etc. Work lamps come in various sizes and configurations, from portable units with handles to stand-mounted multi-head versions. Power rating is generally 150w to 500w.

Halogen work lamps are sold by trade suppliers and DIY stores.

Halogen lamps on stand

Work lamps can be a cheap option for video lighting. They are useful as a key flood light for lighting fairly large areas.

You must remember though, that these lamps are not specifically designed for video or photography. They are not ideal and usually require a diffusion gel for the best effect. The protective grills may also interfere with the light (you may be able to remove them).

You might also want to consider waterproof work lamps for extra safety, especially if you are working outdoors.