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Video Camera Tripods

Video Camera TripodAnyone serious about good quality camera work must understand the importance of the tripod. Almost all types of video work require a tripod at some stage and you need to know how to use one.

It's important to choose the right tripod for your needs. You may find that your choice of tripod is actually more important than your choice of camera in determining the quality of your video.

Tripod Parts

A tripod consists of a head and a set of legs. Usually these are separate components although consumer-level tripods are normally shipped with the head and legs already attached together.

Legs come in many varieties, the main differences being in their height, weight and general sturdiness.

The head is the part which supports the camera and provides the movement. The quality of the head determines how smoothly you will be able to perform camera movements and makes a huge difference to your video. Choosing the correct head and understanding how it works is very important.

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