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Home Video Example #2:
Shot Montage

This video clip shows the last couple of minutes of a longer piece which is around 15 minutes. The video is a casual family get-together and most of the content is simple shots of the family interacting.

The video finishes with a montage of shots set to music, which is what we are looking at here.

How It Was Done

This piece was shot with a cheap camcorder on automatic settings (not normally recommended) and edited in Adobe Premiere, using simple effects and overlaid music.

As the main part of the video nears the end, the music is subtly faded in. At an appropriate moment the music increases in volume and replaces the camera audio.

The main video ends as the family gathers for a photo. As the photo is taken a camera click is added to the audio and the video cuts briefly to black. The actual photo is then inserted. Using Premiere's motion effect, the view zooms into the photo and pans across the family. Note the timing of the music lyrics with the panning.

The photo then fades to the shot montage.

To create the montage, shots were taken from earlier in the video. The idea was to locate short segments of shots which showed people smiling, having fun or showing character. These shots were slowed down using Premiere's speed/duration settings. Shots were faded into each other very slowly. The montage finishes by returning to the photo.