Get a Video Player

Once you have your FLV video files ready, you need a Flash media player to play them on your web page. This is a Flash SWF file which includes components such as a video playback screen and controls.

The example on the right shows a simple video player which has been configured to play a single video file. More advanced players can include additional controls, playlists, interaction with other Flash content, etc.

There are two ways to get yourself a Flash media player:

(1) Create your own player using the Macromedia Flash authoring program

Pros: The ultimate in control and power over the delivery of your video — if you can master Flash your options are vast. For the beginner, pre-made components are provided for video screens, controls, playlists, etc.
Cons: Flash is quite expensive, with a steep learning curve.

(2) Download a video player and customize it to play your own video files

Pros: Quick and easy to set up — the hardest part is copying and pasting some HTML code.
Cons: Less customizable.

There are a number of Flash video players available on the Internet. Most of them cost money but you shouldn't have to pay too much. We recommend our own MC Media Player — it's free but a donation would be gratefully received.

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