Shure UHF Wireles Systems

UHF wireless systems offer flexibility and versatility. NEW J4 and M4 frequency bands are available for the UHF Series wireless systems, offering a wider range of frequencies to choose from. The new J4 band operates between UHF TV channels 28-32, and the M4 band between UHF TV 46-50, offering a possible 24 compatible frequencies per band. This increases the total number of possible systems to 78.

With multiple system operation and interchangeable components, UHF systems also offer a choice of Single or Dual Channel Diversity Receivers.

U1 - Body pack transmitters U4S - Single channel diversity receiver
U2 - Hand-held microphone transmitters U4D - Dual channel diversity receiver



Handheld Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U24S/58 SM 58 U2 U4S
U24S/87 SM 87 U2 U4S
U24S/Beta58 Beta 58a U2 U4S
U24S/Beta87a Beta 87a U2 U4S
U24S/Beta87c Beta 87c U2 U4S
Dual Handheld Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U24D/58 SM 58 (x2) U2 (x2) U4D
U24D/87 SM 87 (x2) U2 (x2) U4D
U24D/Bea58 Beta 58a (x2) U2 (x2) U4D
U24D/Beta87a Beta 87a (x2) U2 (x2) U4D
U24D/Beta87c Beta 87c (x2) U2 (x2) U4D
Headworn Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U14S/20 WH 20TQG U1 U4S
U14S/30 WH 30TQG U1 U4S
Lavalier Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U14S/50 WL 50 U1 U4S
U14S/51 WL 51 U1 U4S
U14S/83 WL 183 U1 U4S
U14S/84 WL 184 U1 U4S
U14S/85 WL 185 U1 U4S
U14S/93 WL 93 U1 U4S
Combo Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U124S/58 SM 58 U1 / U2 U4S
U124S/87 SM 87 U1 / U2 U4S
U124S/Beta58 Beta 58a U1 / U2 U4S
U124S/Beta87a Beta 87a U1 / U2 U4S
U124S/Beta87c Beta 87c U1 / U2 U4S
Dual Combo Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U124D/58 SM 58 (x2) U1 (x2) / U2 (x2) U4D
U124D/87 SM 87 (x2) U1 (x2) / U2 (x2) U4D
U124D/Beta58 Beta 58a (x2) U1 (x2) / U2 (x2) U4D
U124D/Beta87a Beta 87a (x2) U1 (x2) / U2 (x2) U4D
U124D/Beta87c Beta 87c (x2) U1 (x2) / U2 (x2) U4D
Dual Mixed Combo Microphone Transmitter Recevier
U124M/58 SM 58 U1 / U2 U4D
U124M/87 SM 87 U1 / U2 U4D
U124M/Beta58 Beta 58a U1 / U2 U4D
U124M/Beta87a Beta 87a U1 / U2 U4D
U124M/Beta87c Beta 87c U1 / U2 U4D
Dual Bodypack Microphone / Cable Transmitter Recevier
U14D WA 302 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/20 WB 98h/c (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/30 WH 20TQG (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/50 WH 30TQG (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/51 WL 50 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/83 WL 51 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/84 WL 93 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/85 WL 183 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/93 WL 184 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
U14D/98h WL 185 (x2) U1(x2) U4D
Instrument Microphone / Cable Transmitter Recevier
U14S WA 302 U1 U4S
U14S/98h WB 98h/c U1 U4S