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Convert to FLV

To convert video files to FLV format you will need a conversion application, usually referred to as a converter or encoder. Converters are fairly straightforward to use — you simply import a file, choose a preset (and customize the settings if required), then export as FLV. Good converters have additional features such as batch processing options.

There are many converter/encoders available — some free, some cheap, some expensive. If you do a search for "FLV converter" or "FLV encoder" you'll find plenty of options. Three of the most commonly-used converters are listed below.

  1. Macromedia Flash External Link: The official Flash authoring program comes bundled with a utility called Flash 8 Video Encoder. Flash itself is very powerful (and correspondingly expensive) but the encoder doesn't actually produce the best quality FLV files. If you already own Flash, this is a good way to begin making FLV files but if you want the best possible quality you should try other options.
  2. Flix External Link: Flix is a collection of encoders by On2 Technologies, the company which makes the VP6 codec used in Flash 8. There are various options including low-budget versions.
  3. Sorenson Squeeze External Link: A powerful and versatile conversion application.

For a more detailed comparison see Flash FLV Encoders.


Example: The screenshot below shows the main screen of Flix Pro. The tabs provide more advanced options, but if you prefer to keep it simple you can convert videos with just a few clicks.

Flix Pro Screenshot

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