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How to Solder

Basic soldering is a skill that's easy to learn and not too hard to master. It just takes practice.

Soldering EquipmentThere is a huge range of soldered joints out there, from tiny chip resistors on circuit boards to large UHF connectors. There is also a large variety of irons, tips and solder to choose from, and it certainly does help to have the right tool for the job.

Although we will focus on the middle range of connector and cable size in this tutorial (using audio cable and connectors as examples), the theory can be applied to a solder joint of any size.

You can either work your way through the steps in this soldering tutorial, or go directly to any step from this page.


  1. Soldering Tools
  2. Soldering Accessories
  3. Step 1: Preparation
  4. Step 2: Tinning
  5. Step 3: Soldering
  6. Cleaning
  7. Tips and tricks

Good luck, and remember....good soldering takes practice!

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